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Family and Community Healthcare in India

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Healthcare is a basic need and right of every citizen in this country. Given the sheer variety of topography in India, it lends itself to a great amount of study and research into health issues affecting the population. Community and family health could be studied region-wise, district-wise, disease/ illness-wise and more to arrive at conclusions that would assist in deploying timely and effective preventive and curative healthcare.

HCX’s online web-based applications provides for maintenance and study of records of patients. General health conditions such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, pregnancies and child mortality and even congenital heart diseases can be effectively monitored with the help of strong data management system. On the click of a button, the records can be updated, edited, modified and progress of a particular programme in the community could be better monitored – for instance the Pulse Polio programme in a particular community in a particular district could be maintained with the help of HCX’s web-based application.

If a family can be given health, it can extend to the community, the entire locality, district, region and eventually the country. A small step in accurate, timely and effective data management can go a long way in ensuring health for all.


• Wide Range
• Integrate Diverse systems
• Enchance workflow
• Improve efficiency
• Streamlining processes
• Cost effective