Govt. Schemes

Government Healthcare Schemes and Policies

The Government of India is committed to providing adequate, accessible and effective health care services to the citizens of this country.

The number of customers enrolled into various Government schemes is increasing daily. In order to meet these challenges of its various health schemes currently available, to the urban economically challenged or the rural sector of the population, HCX facilitates improved health care delivery by providing a suitable technology platform for healthcare management.

With innovative technology and increasing electronic and automation movement gaining traction in India, even villages today are Internet enabled. With local hospitals and district hospitals using a web-enabled portal as offered by HCX would translate into:

  • Better data management
  • Up-to-date information about the various Government schemes
  • Easy case management
  • Accurate statistical data and reports for e.g.,immunization status or number of births in a district, etc.
  • Availability of insurance plans
  • Quick issuance of birth/ death certificates
  • Information on women´s and child health care
  • Readily available information on the facilities provided at different government run and aided hospitals and clinics
  • Cost reduction with ready-to-download forms
  • Doctors profile
  • Better, quicker and cheaper way of spreading awareness on communicable diseases and issuance of health alerts


• Wide Range
• Integrate Diverse systems
• Enchance workflow
• Improve efficiency
• Streamlining processes
• Cost effective


In India, there are millions of citizens in need of primary healthcare, or are currently eligible or even availing of them under various Government run schemes.

To know and understand these numbers can be overwhelming, and Government departments and various collaborating agencies need to have statistical data that can help them manage...

Family & Community Health

Healthcare is a basic need and right of every citizen in this country.

Given the sheer variety of topography in India, it lends itself to a great amount of study and research into health issues affecting the population. Community and family health could be studied region-wise, district-wise, disease/ illness-wise and more to arrive at conclusions that would assist in deploying timely...

Women's Health Care

The women in India belong to various socio-economic backgrounds and are sometimes marginalized or neglected when it comes to basic healthcare.

Women however are the backbone of any society and if one needs a healthy society, the women need