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HealthCare InfoXchange India Pvt. Ltd. (HCX) is a healthcare company that aims at simplifying processes related to healthcare in India. To achieve this goal HCX is taking steps towards introducing web enabled platforms in health industry. These web platforms help simplify cumbersome healthcare transactions existing in this country. HCX started its unprecedented journey on the 3rd of October 2009 with strength of 10 employees. Growing since, it has been able to come up with a series of four healthcare products aimed at redefining the current healthcare structure. The products offered by HCX are:

HCX is the joint initiative of HealthEC formerly known as IGI and Mr. Sameer Bahadur.

IGI's roots go back to 1992 when it was known as Med-Link Technologies, Inc. Med-Link was a pioneer is creating a completely web enabled platform for healthcare transaction processing.

Offshore processing and development was an innovative, forward looking initiative well ahead of the industry in 1992. By 1997, the company had grown to processing 2 million EDI transactions per month. There were over 10,000 providers and 120 payers in the healthcare domain. Nobody in the industry matched this achievement at that time.

Med-Link (USA), the U.S. operations of the company was acquired by SPS (a subsidiary of Dean Witter) and then by Emdeon, (the former WebMD) in 1999. During this transition the Indian operation supported the new company by providing solutions in the application lifecycle and business process areas. IGI was formed as a new corporation registered in New Jersey to allow the principals to continue operations and expand the business in the United States. The arrangement had a non-compete clause that refrained IGI from re-entering the Healthcare domain.

Thereafter, IGI developed various solutions and product offering for a wide range of industries such as Financial, Insurance, Management Consulting firms, and others. These solutions covered vertical as well as horizontal segments that allowed for the retention of clients over the years.

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