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HCX’s business consulting group provides full- time healthcare management consulting services to client.

There is a need for Healthcare industry to streamline their processes in order to lower administrative costs. This can be achieved by partnering with vendors who understand these complicated business dynamics. While many technical initiatives have come and gone, healthcare payers still face the same goals of creating greater efficiencies by establishing direct connectivity.


HCX understands the importance of enabling payer-to-provider and payer-to-payer connectivity for providing better services. We at HCX have been able to achieve the technological advantage in order to provide world class services for Healthcare transaction processing.

  • Payer Services: Healthcare Business domain experts conduct Gap Analysis, Transaction Mapping, Business Rule/Requirement Writing & Testing for Any-to-Any Formats, Project Management & execution of Architecting, design & development of Portals, and EDI mapping.
  • Provider Services: Healthcare Business domain experts conduct provider adoption for direct connectivity through enrollment, registration, testing into the payer network, and conversion of paper to electronic submissions.

HCX's high level of healthcare knowledge contributes to its success within the client community. HCX's resources work in tandem with its clients´ internal teams to enable connectivity, distribute electronic transactions, customize software products, and create a roadmap for successful implementations.

HCX HIE Offers

• Clinical data from hospitals & labs
• Medication from PBMs and paye
• Claims data from payers
• Immunization from state
• Patient matching, record locator
• Audit reporting
• EMR viewer portal