Healthcare Insurance Consumer

How often do you see yourself taking a medicine on your own without consulting a Doctor? What happens when you do this? Generally, the time lag for a normal stomach ache or viral to subside increases or it might also result into bigger problem. How would it sound if you consult a Doctor and he does not charge any money for it?

Let us consider another scenario when you go the hospital for a checkup, the doctor asks for previous medical reports. You are unable to produce the reports because you either lost it at home or the reports got damaged. Wouldn’t it be better if all your medical reports be stored in an electronic format that can be accessed via the internet anywhere/anytime.

At HCX we believe in providing preventive healthcare services that would empower you to take care of your family’s health needs.

The complete health needs of a family can be broadly classified into:

  • OPD Consultancy
  • Maintenance of Health Records
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Medicines
  • Hospitalization

We concentrate on the OPD services as these are the day to day needs of a family. We provide you different packages for personal and family healthcare.

We provide you 3 options to choose from:


• In need of medical attention and healthcare but dont know which hospital, doctor, or bed is available?
• Need to manage your medical history and records safely and securely?
• Need to find out more about the physician for a particular treatment and illness?

Personal Health Record

Maintenance of your personal health records is important but more often than not proves cumbersome. With files of reports, prescriptions, test results, and other data, it is easy for a paper to be misplaced. Your records might not be accessible to you if you are travelling. Maintaining your records in a digitized format has become important and helps providing security and mobility of your health records.

My Health Plan

A complete body health checkup has been a necessity considering the sedentary lifestyles of people. In order to survive in a competitive work environment, you need to keep a regular check on your health. With a complete health checkup, one knows what health related issues one should be cautious about.

My Smart Health

At HCX we concentrate on OPD services that would help you avail free diagnostic tests and consultancies. We provide you with a comprehensive list of Doctors and Diagnostic Centres to avail these services from. We would encourage going and consulting a doctor the next time you have a stomach ache or you are suffering from viral.