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Immunization status is a comprehensive data repository of all patients who have undertaken immunization. This data repository is an effective means to collate, comprehend and analyse data  for government agencies, healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinics and the individual.

The immunization status reflects information which would help simplify interpretation of large amount of data. For instance:

1. Government agencies would find it extremely effective and beneficial as it would give:
  • a single window dashboard of the layered information
  • demographic information – state-wide, location-wide, district-wide,
    number of children, adults, sex ration, dosage, month-wise and more
  • in-depth analysis of information leading to informed decisions such as which
    areas need renewed focus in driving awareness campaigns and so on
  • better utilization of resources like distribution of medicines
2. Hospitals and clinics would utilize the data for:
  •  better reporting
  •  optimal utilization of vaccines based on the usage
  •  alerts about patient condition – e.g., in case of adverse reaction to the vaccines
  •  improved scheduling of doctors at local government hospitals
3. Individual user can now have easy access to:
  • their immunization records, thus eliminating paper records
  • individual would enjoy the benefit of SMS and email reminders for future scheduled immunizations.

HCX HIE Offers

• Clinical data from hospitals & labs
• Medication from PBMs and paye
• Claims data from payers
• Immunization from state
• Patient matching, record locator
• Audit reporting
• EMR viewer portal