Health Exchange

Healthcare Information Management

Health Exchange simply put means an ongoing electronic exchange of information, data, records and reports of all the stakeholders involved in the area of healthcare and healthcare management.

HCX would provide a web platform where the Government agencies, hospitals, the payers (such as Insurance companies and Third Party Administrators) and patients, will be able to access information, records, and even complete transactions online. The online completion of transactions will help reduce TAT and help increase efficacy of healthcare transactions.

With the availability of a technology platform to search for local healthcare information, maintain personal health records or even leverage data for improving the efficacy of healthcare schemes and incentives, Health Exchange will truly establish the future of automated, streamlined and efficient healthcare practices in the country.

Health Exchange Advantage League (HEAL):
HEAL provides Health Exchange Advantage and is a consortium of:

  • Government agencies involved with the administration of National Rural Health Mission schemes
  • Patients

With HEAL healthcare management at HCX comes a full circle whereby all stakeholders including hospitals, patients, providers, partner institutions and Government agencies can derive optimum benefit and drive improved delivery of healthcare services with a single technology platform. With HCX, healthcare is truly simplified.

HEAL provides a slew of services via its online technology platform as listed below, making healthcare management and delivery easy, simple and efficient.

  • Database of caregivers, healthcare providers, trading partners and patients
  • An easy ‘Search’ facility online from anywhere for information regarding doctors, hospitals and even hospital bed availability
  • Maintenance of clinical data from hospitals & labs
  • Maintenance of PHR (Personal Health Records) online which is secure and confidential
  • Quick, easy and automated pre-approval
  • Medication from PBMs and payers
  • Claims data from payers
  • Immunization status data from states
  • Patient matching, record locator
  • Audit reporting
  • EMR viewer portal
  • Claims submission with attachments
  • Eligibility verification and benefits
  • Remittance advice and EFT
  • ePrescribing with drug interactions
  • Pre-authorization and referrals

HCX HIE Offers

• Clinical data from hospitals & labs
• Medication from PBMs and payers
• Claims data from payers
• Immunization from state
• Patient matching, record locator
• Audit reporting
• EMR viewer portal

Health data store

The HCX Data Repository is a collection of Data Sets gathered from clinical, medication and revenue cycle transactions.

HCX has a comprehensive healthcare specific data repository and standards-based information model coupled with a set of integrated services for data normalization, customer-defined security and auditing, archiving and business process/workflow.

Shared Services

HCX Shared Services solution allows multiple facilities, agencies and providers to exchange information easily and effectively

Healthcare has become more and more data intensive and anyone that has the ability to analyze and drive intelligence from the data that they accumulate has the advantage. This advantage can be translated into effective solutions that drive down costs.

Immunization status

Immunization status is a comprehensive data repository of all patients who have undertaken immunization.

The immunization status reflects information which would help simplify interpretation of large amount of data.