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HCX Shared Services solution allows multiple facilities and hospitals to exchange information easily and effectively by offering the following functionalities:

Master Patient Search (MPI)

IGI's MPI is a central database repository that contains a unique identifier for each patient in the database, with different search criteria to streamline patient identification:

  • Exact Data Match
  • Rules Based
  • Closeness of Address

Record Locator Service (RLS)

The RLS includes a history of all records for each patient in order to easily support address consent requirements required by privacy restrictions; authorized-user identification and credentialing; authentication methods; role-based access; and other security considerations, including but not limited to access controls, auditing and monitoring access, and transmission security.

Consent Manager

Patient Consent Manager is an online function that tracks and captures patient consent at the following levels:

  • Hospitals
  • HCX PHR system, through secure log-in

Provider Directory

The provider directory is a centralized location of all details of each hospital participating in the HIE are maintained. This crosswalk of information includes individual Hospital registration numbers, payer- provider ID, address and contact details. This system will also manage referral store for affiliated physicians and institutions.

HCX HIE Offers

• Clinical data from hospitals & labs
• Medication from PBMs and paye
• Claims data from payers
• Immunization from state
• Patient matching, record locator
• Audit reporting
• EMR viewer portal