Healthcare Services

HealthCare InfoXchange provides healthcare services using a range of IT solutions and BPO services that enable organizations to integrate diverse systems, translate data, enhance workflow, and improve overall administrative efficiency.


• Wide Range
• Integrate Diverse systems
• Enchance workflow
• Improve efficiency
• Streamlining processes
• Cost effective

Healthcare Consulting

The Healthcare industry's need to lower administrative costs can be achieved by partnering...

HCXs proficiency in enabling payer-to-provider and payer-to-payer connectivity is unparalleled.

  • Payer Services
  • Provider Services

Call Center

  • Customer Service Desk (CSD)
  • An interface between the company and its customers
  • Provide service by responding to user's technical questions
  • Ensuring that the customers receive optimum level of service
  • Provide service 24/7.

Data Analytics and BI Reporting

Healthcare has become more and more data intensive and anyone that has the ability

Healthcare has become more and more data intensive and anyone that has the ability to analyze and drive intelligence from the data that they accumulate has the advantage. This advantage can be translated into effective solutions that drive down costs.

E Business

In today's rapidly changing business world, organizations are leveraging Internet technologies to create new value propositions for their customers.

As e-business becomes a differentiator of success, e-business strategy development and implementation will be critical for any business seeking to grow and remain competitive.

Training and E-Leaning

E-Learning platforms deliver many benefits to businesses

Once a revolutionary concept, E-Learning has become a mainstream channel of educating, training and qualifying employees, customers and partners. The e-trainees can gain access from a standard web-browser having the flexibility of taking courses, from any location and at any pace they choose.