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When a patient is in need of medical attention and needs to be hospitalized, it is imperative to have first-hand information on the ‘bed board availability’ status in the hospital facility. Patients in need of urgent and immediate hospitalization would need to be accommodated without any delay thus administering medical attention quickly and efficiently.

With HCX’s web based applications, hospitals and patients can now log in and check on the status of bed availability and can ‘admit’ a patient or ‘book a bed’ immediately. The process is simple and eliminates manual filling in of forms at the hospital thus delaying and perhaps aggravating the patient’s suffering.

The online web based application provided by HCX also provides an ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) interface for healthcare providers. This interface allows the hospital administrators to:

  • check on the number of patients admitted to the hospital on a given day
  • check and collate information on the number of discharges effected by the hospital on a given day/ week/ month and
  • also verify the number of transfers of patients to other medical facilities or other medical departments. For instance a patient may have been admitted for orthopedics but later is transferred to radiology.


• Wide Range
• Integrate Diverse systems
• Enchance workflow
• Improve efficiency
• Streamlining processes
• Cost effective