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Patient records, number of claims, amount of claims, kind of treatment, hospital data, and more can now be easily sorted with the generation of reports thanks to HCX’s web based applications.

For instance if you wish to see reports on the immunization status, or claims settlement or the enrollment into various government healthcare schemes, it can be achieved easily. Age-wise, gender-wise, location-wise, claims wise, month-wise other variable data can be sorted, listed, spliced, and used innovatively for generating metrics. These metrics are incisive and in-depth and  provide a dashboard to hospitals, payers/ TPAs and government agencies. They can be presented graphically making them not just visually appealing, but also easier to disseminate and absorb.  These incisive reports can be used by the payer/ TPA to understand the entire claims cycle, right from the amount claimed, to the medical condition, the healthcare facilitator and more, to bring about improvements in the medical policies and reimbursement procedures. These reports will also help the payer/ TPA analyze the entire claims cycle time right from the pre-authorization process to the final settlement and can bring about further improvements in the delivery of claims settlements.

Intelligent reports and data gathering make for smart handling of the business resulting in speed, efficiency and creating a positive impact on the customer creating loyalty for the TPA/ payer and eventually also resulting in business growth thanks to referrals by the patient and the hospitals.

Payer can now avail of

• On boarding data
• Patient/ customer data repository
• Electronic pre-auth processing
• Electronic Claims processing
• Reports