Statistics on Government Healthcare Schemes & Policies

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In India, there are millions of citizens in need of primary healthcare, or are currently eligible or even availing of them under various Government run schemes. To know and understand these numbers can be overwhelming, and Government departments and various collaborating agencies need to have statistical data that can help them manage these schemes effectively.

Statistical records can help you determine and unravel data on healthcare in a simple, easy-to-use manner and go a long way in managing and facilitating healthcare in India. HCX’s web-based application provides easy-to-use in-depth statistical data management of health records. This data gives you an array of information covering the socio-economic criteria of patients, and the different kinds of health issues afflicting the population.

Statistical records with HCX’s web-based application will make it easier to study outbreak of epidemics. Healthcare management and deployment is facilitated with better data management, all made possible due to HCX.


• Wide Range
• Integrate Diverse systems
• Enchance workflow
• Improve efficiency
• Streamlining processes
• Cost effective