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Womens Health Care in India :

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The women in India belong to various socio-economic backgrounds and are sometimes marginalized or neglected when it comes to basic healthcare. Women however are the backbone of any society and if one needs a healthy society, the women need to be taken care of first.

Pre-natal, post-natal, pregnancies in different age-groups of women, the different social strata they belong to, cervical cancer, breast cancer, diseases related to smoking, or inhaling the wood fire due to cooking and various other health related problems need to be monitored for women across the country.

HCX’s web-based application acts as the perfect online partner that makes it easy for maintenance of statistical data and monitors the efficacy of the many Government healthcare programmes being currently run.


• Wide Range
• Integrate Diverse systems
• Enchance workflow
• Improve efficiency
• Streamlining processes
• Cost effective